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Romita Devi MUNGUR


KURODAIYA…heard about it by Shihan Sunil….went through the net and was immediately convinced that its gonna be an unforgetable experience. The info from the net and the first mail from you increased my curiosity to extreme heights. When we were first introduced to Kurodaiya techniques it took me ‘off my feet’. It was like fire on dry grass…doesnt need any effort to increase in intensity. It lit all the curiosity incenses and i was dying to learn more. You made it look so simple…all the defence techniques were so clean and effective. Impressive.

The demo on the Tv set that we performed was another memorable experience.The self defence and kumite techniques are so effective and easy to learn..may be its because you made it look easy for us. And we were able to assimilate a maximum of moves in these 17 days. The art of disarming and control on your opponent were things that one need to learn. These techniques were meant for all. You made sure that everyone can learn it and also you made it easy for all to learn. My wife, Romita, is also a Kurodaiya lady now. Ishita (my 5 yr old daughter) doesnt stop talking about Soke and Kurodaiya and I’m what she uses to practice on….hmm.. makes me go through tough times. Kurodaiya is about simple motion and impressive effects. Biomechanics is the term you used to clarify it to me. Minimum force and less energy needed to get out of difficult situations. 17 days went by just as an eye blink……our body would pain but we were always there to learn more and more. It was the magic of Kurodaiya and soke Krishna Gopal that attracted us all to the dojo. No pain or sprain could stop us from learning more and more.What an experience it has been. we will surely make it to your expectations, next time you see us. And the new generations instructors that you have formed will surely take Kurodaiya to new horizons in Mauritius. Dont know about others but you can surely count on my words. Thank you Soke and thanks to your Kurodaiya. I’m very sure and confident about a brighter safe where every one would say it loud “Violence ends where respect begins”

Regards Veenaye MUNGUR

Rep. Of Mauritius.

18 Dec 2011

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