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Unfortunatly i have to make this announcement as the founder of Kurodaiya that from the date of 29 april 2013, Indrani Boedhram is dismissed from KTEC and Kurodaiya in general and is no londer a member of the federation or KTEC. All the privileges are withdrawn.

She is not allowed to teach or get training in any form from any Kurodiayist. She is nmot allowed to use the name and slogan. She is not allowed to conduct or take part in any kind of training such as a demonstration seminar , workshop, courses or any  other activity related to Kurodaiya.

This expulsion has nothing to do with personal affairs, but only with the behavior/conduct of her self by not attending the rules and ignoring  warnings from the founder.

Following a number of serious offenses:

– Show no respect.

– Non-compliance with the obligations to fulfill the requirements to be allowed to function as instructor (following a Budo teacher training)

– Failure to comply with the agreements to want to operate under the supervision instructor
– Failure to comply with the payment of the license fees and contribution (always pay late, even after repeated requests and warning)
– Without consultation and / or consent of the founder, placing advertisements / articles in local newspapers  with misinformation and courses.
– Non-compliance with House rules and dojo rules.
– Non-compliance with the agreements on payment of provided training by the supervisor.
–  Showing not respect and bad treatment of the teacher
– Heavy incriminating express personal accusations and insults at the teacher with the intention to bring the teacher into dis-credit.
– Expressing threats against the teacher / founder.
– Order upset during training sessions and meetings and other gatherings.
– Exhibit of defiant behavior (antisocial behavior).


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