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KURODAIYA, "The revolution in Martial Art"

Kurodaiya is also called the "two finger system", because the use of two fingers allows you to work with less contact, less motion and less power which is characteristic in this system.

Violence ends where respect begins©

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Biomechanical Proces

Philosophy of Kurodaiya

Basic Principles

The philosophy of Kurodaiya is inspired by the Indian epoc "MAHABHARAT", where the hero Arjuna (by guidance of Lord Krishna ) shows how you can get RESPECT by non agressive , de-escalating, 100% proportionate behavior when you have to deal with violence and agression.

The principles are based on the application of the biomechanical proces of the human body.


Agressive behavour leads to ESCALATION,

Non agressive behavour leads to DE-ESCALATION

      The Kurodaiya training gives you a MENTAL EMPOWERMENT. The self-confidence get a big  boost. The biomechanical process, in which the principles of kurodaiya are based on, allows you to use the right muscles for the movements that you need, from a natural, non-aggressive position/stand. From this position you will be able to control the gross motorial movements with minimal contact, movement and power,  and bring the person out of balance, preventing a second attack motion to be carried out  effectively. It does not matter what kind of person is in front of you. It may be a martial arts-trained person or an untrained person. This empower the self-confidence. If you practice Kurodaiya, you can participate in all competitive sports, such as karate, (semi or full contact) Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA and Grappling, without having to practice individually martial arts.



For awareness and innovation in Prevention, Sports, Safety and Welfare

KTEC is the headquarter of KURODAIYA, an organization which provides a variety of innovative activities. KTEC is affiliated with KIF (Kurodaiya International Federation) . KTEC is the only organization that provides training in an innovative, revolutionary  and  patented self-defense / fighting system called “KURODAIYA”. All sports activities are meant to address social problems regarding Sports, Safety and Welfare, based on the principles and philosophy of Kurodaiya "The next generation self defense / fight system". We make people aware about their own personal safety and well-being by developing and providing innovative programs that can be taught in a very short time. A healthy mind in a healthy body by awareness of the innovation in sports.. With minimal impact on your body achieving maximum results. At KTEC you can experience the usefulness and the potential of sports in an innovative way. Experience is believing!


  • Training  by applying the biomechanical Proces of the human being: Judo, Katana, Kurodaiya, Grappling, MMA, Kickboxing and  Boxing ( without using  Blocks). Falltraining for horseriders.
  • Education   Instructor of Kurodaiya, Budo Teacher and  Teacher violencemanagement, courses, masterclasses en workshops
  • Coaching (mental) overcomming of fears, stress, burn-out and other (physical and mental) problems, in which you need help.
Yoga, Massage, Fitness, Fit -defence,  Indian Club training,  for recovery  and maintaning the body Respectfull Confrontation, Physical and verbal Violence management, (De -escalating with mimum use of force,contact and motion) for handle your self in conflict situations.
"After a few lesson in Kurodaiya you will realize that strenght will be your worst enemy and fluent motion your best friend"
Everyone will benefit from the techniques of Kurodaiya program because they are very practical and effective and therefore very realistic. It can be learned a very short time and brought into practiacal use immidiately.

What makes Kurodaiya Unique and revolutionary

Innovative and revolutionary by the application of the bio-mechanical process of the human body. You do not need to practice kickboxing, boxing, karate, judo, etc. to  to be able to defend yourself against it. Practising Kurodaiya  is enough. Respectful, non aggressive, de-escalating and 100% proportional (according to the law requirements). Kurodaiya works directly to a de-escalation from the first reaction. To defend our selfs we dont fight (escalate), but work directly to a de-escalation by  controling the gross motor movements of an aggressor  to discourage physically and mentally. Gross motorial movements of the attacker will be limited so that the body becomes weak and can not perform effective follow up attacks. It is not a  mix of strong elements from existing styles and knows no "Dummy" training. (An aggressor moves and reacts, it is not a static dummy). Defending and fighting without the use of painful blocks. Innovative fist setting (diamond fist), effectively from any position.  New philosophy and new principles. By training in one system and principles you can participate in all kinds of competitions (full contact, semi contact, boxing, kikcboksen, MMA, Wrestling, Judo, Grappling, etc.)  

Kurodaiya News

  • 2nd Kurodaiya International Congress

    This will be held in Rome Italy, organizsed by the chief Instructor of Italy Augusto Falconi and Stefano del Rosso. date: 19, 20 , 21 May 2017. For information and registration contact Augusto Falconi through facebook page Kurodaiya Italia. Deze post is ook beschikbaar in: Dutch

  • Expecting Kurodaiayists from Nepal

    We expected the Kurodaiyists from  Nepal already in November, but they have not arrived yet due to the failure to obtain the visa. Hopefully they can still arrive before Christmas. We expect them from December 19 t / m December 24 for intense training and competition. Deze […]

  • From Basic to save

    Selfdefense course for children from the elementary and secundary school, who use the public transportaion of the bycicle to go to and from school. We prepair them for the  new world in which they will enter after being use to a save environment. We make them aware […]

  • Get to know Kurodaiya

    Would you like to get to know and experience Kurodaiya? Send us an email. You can get experience with Kurodiaiya by: 1. Taking part in a free of charge trail lesson in the dojo of KTEC. 2. Organise a seminar /workshop and invite  one of the instructors […]

  • Dismissed

    Unfortunatly i have to make this announcement as the founder of Kurodaiya that from the date of 29 april 2013, Indrani Boedhram is dismissed from KTEC and Kurodaiya in general and is no londer a member of the federation or KTEC. All the privileges are withdrawn. She […]

  • Massage and Yoga

    Go relax on vacation. A massage is a must for every body. Especially if you suffer from pains in your body. Did you know that we also arrange activities such as Yoga and Massages!? For relaxation and to eliminate chronic pain in arms, legs, back, shoulders and […]

  • International Kurodaiya Ambassador

    With pride i can announce that Chandrikapersad Santokhi, Minister  of Justitie and Politie from Surinam is since 2009 appointed as the International Kurodaiya Ambassador. Kurodaiya is been accpeted by him as an  innovative and revolutionary training for Bodyguards, Law Enforcement officers , Prison Guards , Army and all […]

  • Parent child special

    If your child is training at Kurodaiya, you as a parent (s) can sport at a special reduced rate. Ask for the possibilities! Deze post is ook beschikbaar in: Dutch

  • Selfdefence for travelers

    Especially for travelers to be well prepared to go on vacation. Violence is everywhere. It can happen to anyone. By being aware of the possibilities to defending yourself you can avoid becoming a victim.  Deze post is ook beschikbaar in: Dutch

  • Selfdefence for bike riders

    Now that there is plenty of greenery along bike paths, walking you are more likely to become a victim.of voilence. How do you deal with it. Especially for girls and women who easily fall victim to abuse, sexual violence and rape. Do the course “self-defense for cyclists” […]

  • Especially for girls and women

    Anti-rape course especially for girls and women who want to avoid becoming victims of violence and abuse. Deze post is ook beschikbaar in: Dutch

  • Veenaye MUNGUR

    KURODAIYA…heard about it by Shihan Sunil….went through the net and was immediately convinced that its gonna be an unforgetable experience. The info from the net and the first mail from you increased my curiosity to extreme heights. When we were first introduced to Kurodaiya techniques it took […]

  • competetion

    If it looks interesting , you can participate in contests . The philosophy and techniques of Kurodaiya are a very good addition to any fighter in any style . Semi contact to MMA . Within the Kurodaiya system we train without using blocks with legs or arms […]


  • Veenaye MUNGUR

    KURODAIYA…heard about it by Shihan Sunil….went through the net and was immediately convinced that its gonna be an unforgetable experience. The info from the net and the first mail from you increased my curiosity to extreme heights. When we were first introduced to Kurodaiya techniques it took […]


Violence Control

Kurodaiya Violence Management This is the part of Kurodaiya, especially developed for and by professionals, who has to deal with  increasing risk of being confrontated with agression and violence during their work. The Kurodaiya Violence management Program (KVP) is a training in which the mental and physical resilience are interwoven and thereby achieving the desired result and this ensures that confidence is further enhanced. It is based on the bio-mechanical process in the human body, which ensures that the body remains in balance. By using the right muscles for the right move, you are able to act with minimal effort, minimal contact with the aggressor and with minimal movement, to achieve complete control over the gross motorial movements of a person, causing a de-escalation in a non-aggressive and 100% proportional way  during circumstances in which many resistance is offered. (Violence ends where respect begins!) All customized programs can be easily adapted to existing or professional protocols, policies or specific needs of the target group.

Kurodaiya International Federation

  Headquarter of Kurodaiya (KTEC) and KIF (Kurodaiya International Federation)  is located in the Netherlands. KIF is the governing body for KTEC and Kurodaiya Violence management Programs. KIF provides accreditation, registration and recognition of certificates and diplomas for instructors, Budo teachers and  lecturers.

KTEC Location

Headquarter of Kurodaiya (KTEC) and KIF (Kurodaiya International Federation)  is located in the Netherlands in Capelle aan den IJssel. Our address : Schinkelsebaan 1, 2908LE Capelle aan den IJssel ,Netherlands